Monday, November 30, 2009

Mrs. Brady, my Future-Mother-In-Law

I have fallen more in love with Mr. Brady than I thought possible.  Our first Thanksgiving together was fabulous!  We cooked dinner together, fed the kids and watched the football games.  After the football games he agreed to sit through my Sex and the City marathon with me.  He's perfect! 

Well, I talked to Mrs. Brady (my future mother-in-law) on Thanksgiving day and she thanked me for making her baby happy.  Yes... she called him her baby!  LOL!!!  Her 36 year old baby.  It was very special for me to hear how much she appreciates the things I do for him.  She acknowledges me and does not feel as if I'm taking her baby away from her.  She recognizes a real woman!  I shouldn't be surprised because she is a real woman and will truly recognize one when she sees her. 

Two words from Mrs. Brady sealed the deal with me and Mr. Brady.  Thank you!  She thanked me for making him happy.  She told me that she has never heard him so happy before.  I love him so much for expressing to his mother his love and respect for me.  He only speaks good things of me and I'm sure the few things that bug him that he speaks of, are greatly outweighed by how happy we are together.  I fell in love with him more than I thought I could love a man.  Our fate was sealed at that moment.  I knew then, I'd never leave his side or him mine.  I knew then that becoming his Mrs. Brady was going to be the best thing for all of us.  If there were any doubts in my mind, Mrs. Brady's words erased them.  He loves me... I say it like Jill Scott sang it in He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat).

I want the world to know he loves me.  I am so willing to get married in Vegas this December.  If it was possible, I'd do it.  I'm sure Mr. Brady will be against eloping, but I'm seriously, seriously thinking about it.  We can throw a huge reception for our friends and family aftewards.  That might disappoint Mrs. Brady and my mother.  I know they both want to witness the start of their babies' "real" marriages.  Those starter marriages don't count, let me and Mr. Brady tell it.    

It feels so good to know that HE LOVES ME.  I love me some Mr. Brady!

Ms. Brady 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shoes for Ms. Brady

Like most women, I love shoes.  Really really love shoes.  And my weakness is designer shoes.  LOUBS!  Are my current favorite.  For those that don't know, LOUBS stand for Christian Louboutin.  A fabulous shoe designer from the city of love... Paris!  Could it be the French blood running through my veins that cause me to fall in love with all things Paris? 

LOUBS are fabulous looking shoes... However, they cost a bundle!  No... actually, they cost two arms and both legs.  So, needless to say, I only allow myself to purchase no more than two (2) pair of LOUBS a year.  Right now I'm looking for my final pair of the year to wear for New Year's Eve.  I'm thinking about something with some shine.  Some blingness going on.  Something like these glittery babies!

These are fabulous shoes.  However, given the price tag, I need to think about purchasing a style that is somewhat timeless and will afford me the ability to wear them again.  And not for New Year's Eve 2010.   So, I was thinking maybe of purchasing these babies early and wear for the 3 or 4 holiday parties we've been invited to.  Then the wedding came to mind.  Although I'll purchase more LOUBS throughout 2010 and 2011, those will likely be something for the warmer months (like a sandel or something) and some winter boots.   So, to get something fancy for New Year's Eve, I was thinking of maybe getting something I'd likely wear to the wedding.  I know I wanted to wear a splash of color on my feet.  I'm really going for a bright pink.  Similar to the color of my pink sapphire engagement ring.  And I came upon these babies. 

I know these are booties, but I love the three buttons on the side and somehow I get that Elizabeth Bennett feeling from these.  They are somewhat Victorian and so very romantic.  I also considered just getting the pink glitter LOUBS above and wearing those.  Then I came upon some more pump styled LOUBS. 

All of the above pink LOUBS are fabulous and I wish I could afford to purchase every single pair.   I can't so, I need to narrow it down to something I can wear more than once.  Then I came across these babies. 

These are what I affectionately call the pink SATC bridal shoes!  I love them and they are absolutely perfect.  However, maybe not perfect for New Year's Eve.  I guess I will stick with the glitter shoe or maybe a pair of black LOUBS with some New Year's flair.  Whatever I do though, I am getting these pink SATC bridal shoes for the wedding.  Even if only worn for one day (and likely the Sunday Brunch the day after the wedding).  So, here are my one of the two pair of LOUBS to be purchased for 2011.  Now... I need to find the final one for 2009 and continue to look for the two pair for 2010.  I might save money if I don't buy any LOUBS for 2010.  Can I survive without a new pair of LOUBS for an entire year?  I think so.  I know so if it must be done for the wedding and the Brady home. 

What expensive item is a must for your wedding? Are you going to venture out and purchase a high end designer item specifically for your wedding? 

(Photo Source: All photos are from Google Images unless otherwise noted)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Brady Kids: Dressing the Girls

Mr. Brady and I decided to make our children part of our ceremony.  We're all becoming one family, just not Mr. Brady and I becoming one.  So, we're looking for ways to include our children in our vows and also maybe have them say a few words.  Great idea in theory. 

My problem: my kids are deathly afraid of public speaking.  My daughter has a voice like Beyonce and will sing in front of a crowd.  However, she clams up when it comes to speaking in front of a group of people.  My son will just stand there and look at you with those big puppy dog eyes of his.  The baby girl is likely to just stare at us without making a move or sound.  There is no way my kids are going to be willing to join in the vow exchange. 

So, I was thinking of making the entire wedding party all about the Bradys.  Mr. Brady and his crew on one side and me and mine on the other.  After the kiss and we're announced as the Bradys, then we'll all walk back down the aisle together.

Mr. Brady is not on board quite yet.  He is more into traditions and is hoping to have his best buddies standing next to him with his boys and me having my best girlfriends standing next to me with my oldest daughter.  Then we'll have my son as the ring bearer and his daughter and my youngest daughter as the flower girls.

The only thing we've agreed on in this area is making the kids a part of the wedding ceremony.  So, I've started to look for dresses for the girls and suits for the boys.  Check out inspriation for the Junior Bridesmaid dresses for Miss Marcia and the flower girl dresses for Miss Jan and Miss Cindy.   Right now we're leaning toward our girls wearing white (like Ms. Brady).  They'll stand out from the bridesmaid and Maid-of-Honor.  I might had a splash of color with a satin sash to coordinate with the bridesmaid and Maid-of-Honor dresses. 

Jan and Cindy would love this gown.  I hope it comes in white.  Would be amazing if I could have the ribbon in black.  The bridesmaids (sans the Jr. Bridesmaid, Marcia) will be wearing black gowns.  (Photo source:

This gown is for the Junior Bridesmaid, Miss Marcia.  I'd be more comfortable if we could find a jacket to go with the gown, but I know she'll love this.  I hope it comes in White with the ability to have the flower black.  I'd stick with the white flower and add color with her accessories.  Miss Marcia would die to wear this dress.  It's very pretty, but may be a tad bit too mature for an eleven year old (Photo Source:  

This is the gown I'd love for all the Brady girls to wear.  The model looks a lot like Miss Jan (Mr. Brady's daughter).  That smile of her's is Miss Cindy's smile (My daughter and the baby of the bunch).  Again, I'd like to get jackets for hte girls.  I'm thinking something lace, but I'll have to keep looking.  Miss Marcia might not like this dress since it will be the same dress her younger sisters will be wearing.  However, but the ball gown look may warm her heart.  She'll still love Barbie dolls and Disney Princesses at 11.  I really like this one too.  (Photo Source: David's Bridal)

This flower girl dress from Disney Weddings is fabulous.  The gown is based on Disney Princess Tiana.  Kristy Kelly is a fabulous designer and I think all the girls will appreciate this gown.  This is a strong dress. (Photo Source:

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dream dress: fantasy vs. reality

Grace Kelly

The Grace Kelly.  That is what I call my dream wedding gown.  I want the exact dress from the waist up.  From the waist down, I'm hoping it is possible to get satin.  I love this gown!  Grace Kelly's wedding attire is very inspirational.  I also adore the dress she wore for her civil ceremony. 

Although very nice for a civil ceremony or even wedding morning brunch with the family.  This is not what I'm looking to wear for my ceremony.   This is a FAV for my wedding morning brunch.  

So, I've somewhat decided that my gown will be custom made, since I cannot find anything similar to what I like at the bridal stores (yes... I've looked.  Haven't tried anything on, but I've been looking). 

Then yesterday a Google Image search brought me this fabulous beauty.  The Grace Kelly top and the satin bottom. 

However, I am so not feeling the long train on this gown.  I love the top and the satin bottom, but the train... not so me.   Then I saw this one. 

Ignore the top!!  I love the satin bottom and the smaller train. 

I'm starting to see the dream dress becoming a reality.  For some months now it's been more of a fantasy.  There was absolutely nothing out there that came close to my Grace Kelly.    I think the more time I have to plan this wedding, the more time I have to find a designer I trust to pull this off and the more time I can have my custom gown made, replicating the top portion of Grace Kelly's wedding gown and the bottom portion of Gown number three above. 

Did you have trouble finding your dream dress?  If so, did you consider a custom made gown? 

Ms. Brady

Thursday, November 12, 2009

the e-ring

Mr. Brady met me for burgers and ice cream sundaes last night after class.  It was great to see him!  We're a very busy couple.  Work, kids, school, work, projects, and more work.  We're lucky to see each other once a week.  We currently live about an hour away from each other.  So, it is always a treat to have a late night date during the week with Mr. Brady.  

The topic of discussion... my e-ring!  I think he's seriously getting close to proposing.  I'm not going to jump to conclusions yet, and I've decided not to probe him for information.  Although I'm not big on surprises; I do want this to be a surprise because it will make him extremely happy. 

Last night's discussion, surprisingly started by Mr. Brady, focused on the e-ring.  First he asked me where I want the wedding to be held.  Then he gave his input.  He slowly brought the ring topic in and the discussion stayed on that subject until we said good night.  I knew what he was doing; but like a lady, I allowed my man to think I had not caught on.  He was quite surprised to learn that I wasn't the Tiffany-single-carat type of gal.  I'm a romantic and classic girl; but more along the lines of Elizabeth Bennett.  Victorian looks are my all time favorite.  I'm all about vintage clothing, jewelry, furniture, decor, etc.  The list can go on. 

So, long story short, I filled Mr. Brady in on my ideal ring.  To say it simply; his eyes lit up!  I could hear the bells and whistles silently going off in that active brain of his.  I know he was thinking of all the money he is going to save.  Now, I do happen to love a lot of theTiffany & Co. jewelry and this explains Mr. Brady's surprise at my ideal e-ring.  I'm sure he bet money that I wanted the traditional Tiffany & Co. engagement ring like the one below.

Beautiful ring, but just not Ms. Brady's style. 

As I explained to Mr. Brady, I want something vintage or at least vintage-looking.  A simple rose gold setting with a classic cut center stone no larger than one carats.  He liked that idea and was surprised to learn that I admire rose gold so much. 

Next, the stone.  He had a heart shaped diamond in mind.  I'm not a diamond type of girl, to Mr. Brady's surprise.  I own a pair a diamond earrings, but hardly wear them, so I thought he would have picked up on my love of all things not diamond.  Again, think Elizabeth Bennett (you'll see many references to Pride & Prejudice in this Blog.  It is my all time favorite book).   Something Victorian, romantic, classic and simple yet somewhat modern.  My all time favorite sapphire gemstone came to mind. 

This is a beautiful sapphire e-ring and the setting is sort of Victorian. 

The dark color of the classic blue sapphire gemstone is just not the look I'm going for.  And Mr. Brady was not too thrilled about getting something I already have.  I currently rock a simple right hand solitare ring with a fabulous blue sapphire stone. 

Well, my friends, I shocked him somewhat when I said, "Not blue, silly!  Pink!  I'd love a pink sapphire ring."   He mad a funny face and then smiled.  All that know me, know that pink is my favorite color of all time.  All shades of pink.  I own more pink items than my daughters.  Or just as many.  I love the color pink.  Pink is my black.  

Now, these are likely the image Mr. Brady got. 
Although gorgeous, these beauties are not what I have in mind.

Being that Mr. Brady is flashy and I know I'll have to start saving now for his wedding band.  His only requirement... DIAMONDS!  LOL!!!  Again, I don't want diamonds.  I want the simple, classic, yet modern pink sapphire in a rose gold setting e-ring.  

So, the search begins and I am not going to really get involved any more than I have.  Mr. Brady knows what I'm looking for.  Maybe if he decides to join me in writing a blog about our journey, he'll get some ideas from all of you.  I googled rose gold and pink sapphire and found these fab styles.   

The centerstone is not a pink sapphire, but this is totally something that will bring tears to my eyes immediately. 

I fell in love with this ring.  Totally something Elizabeth Bennett would wear. 

A smaller center stone and this is my e-ring!  I totally have fallen in love again!  I'm confident Mr. Brady will get something like this and he'll know to down-size that center stone. Unlike the love of my life, I'm so not flashy and like things simply beautiful! 

So, tell me, what do you think?  Did you go the non-traditional route and opt out of the diamond club? 

Ms. Brady

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Brady Bunch?

No, we're not quite the Brady Bunch; but we're close. On September 10, 2011, we will become a blended family very similar to the Brady Bunch. I'm bringing three children and he's bringing four. That is a total of 7 children. Four boys and three girls. One more than the Brady Bunch, but you get what I mean. We're going to be a huge blended family.

Mr. Brady is fabulous. He's patient, smart, funny, sexy, athletic, tall, a wonderful father and SEXY... wait, I already said that. Well, I just can't get enough of him. He's an IT guy moonlighting as an entrepreneur and real estate agent. His ambition and drive is what attracted me... well, his sexiness attracted me, his ambition and drive kept the attraction alive. LOL!!!

Me... Well, I'm the logical hopeless romantic with a legal education and corporate corner office with hopes of changing the world... for the better. Like Mr. Brady, I'm moonlighting as an entrepreneur as the owner of an online event design and planning company.

Mr. Brady and I are not "officially" engaged yet. There is no ring and no announcement to the world. We both know we're getting married and we have started talking about when to get engaged and we've already picked a date. So, this thing is going DOWN. Since Mr. Brady is somewhat old fashioned, he of course wants to surprise me with an engagement and get down on one knee. So, I am not sure when it will happen, but I know it will happen and I have given him a deadline. Since we're planning a September 2011 wedding, the engagement should take place no later than August 2010. He has time to plan something über romantic and surprising to me. The surprise is going to be a task because I'm super controlling and nosy and am always planning everything we do. Seriously... I plan everything like it's a huge event. LOL!!!

This will be an encore marriage for both of us. We're debating between an intimate wedding for family and close friends to a big fat Brady wedding. I think we'll end up doing something between intimate and huge. I'm hoping to keep the guest list under 100.

This blog will take you on our journey to Bradyland; including planning our wedding, buying a new house and transitioning into one family. The wedding is September 10, 2011. Yes... 9-10-11. We're both a little geeky as well. LOL!! I will be sharing my wedding ideas and blended family best practices and hopefully you will all give me your feedback. I look forward to our trip to Bradyland.

This is one of the choices for my wedding gown. What do you think?

Ms. Brady.