Friday, December 4, 2009

Swooning over Wedding Gowns

I thought I was a custom-designed-wedding-gown type of gal.  And then I was introduced to Maggie Sottero.  This designers' gowns are fabulous.  Being a destination bride, I have a soft spot in my heart for her Destination Collection.  I have a list of Maggie Sottero gowns I plan to try on this summer. (hint, hint - looking forward to trying on gowns in NY at Kleinfields, if they carry Maggie Sottero.  I did not see her name on their list of designers on their website, but hoping it's an error... do any of you have any idea where I can go to try on her collection).  In any event, check out these lovely lacey gowns by Maggie Sottero (and a few with no lace that I just have to try on). 

And then there is Amsale.  How awesome is she?!  I've fallen in love with some of her non-lace pieces, surprisingly.  Check them out. 

How about the sophistication of Kenneth Pool gowns?  I love them, even if they don't have enough lace for me and may be more princess than I desire to be at this point in my life.  Nonetheless, Kenneth Pool gowns are beautiful!

I would actually consider wearing the third Kenneth Pool gown above and the one below.  These are two I am for sure going to try on at Kleinfields. 

The gowns below are all gowns I plan to try on before I decide to go with the custom-designed gown.  I'm thinking if I do all of these try-ons before the end of the summer 2010, I'll have more than enough time to design the gown and have it sketched and find a designer (already have a few in mind) and it made in time for the wedding in 2011.   What gowns are you swooning over? 

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