Monday, December 7, 2009

A taste of Africa

So, Mr. Brady and I are both African-American.  We've talked recently about incorporating African wedding traditions into our ceremony or the reception.  We're not sure how to incorporate such traditions, but I've seriously considered us changing our attire (after dinner during our reception) from the traditional wedding gown and white tux to something inspired by Africa.   I've found a few looks by Therez Fleetwood and am really loving the idea of changing into one of her gowns for the reception.  Here are some of the gowns I'm leaning toward. 

Therez Fleetwood gowns are the perfect combination of American and African for this African-American bride-to-be.  I'm could totally wear these gowns to the ceremony, if I wasn't so set on the romantic nature of lace.  In any event, I'm leaning toward the wardrobe change after dinner.  I'd love to wear any of the above pieces. 

Now, the mister would look awesome in any of these looks.


I absolutely love the third photo above.  The bride's attire is perfect as well. So loooove the fan in the photo!!! 

We're also considering adding some African inspired designs in the wedding and reception decor.  I have an image in my head, I just can't locate any photos to share here with you today.  It is certain we'll include our African heritage into our wedding ceremony and reception.  The first, of which we're sure to include, is the wardrobe change into gowns and suits inspired by Africa. 

What cultural aspect has inspired you in your wedding planning? 

Ms. Brady

(Photos are all from google image, unless otherwise noted; e.g. Therez Fleetwood gowns are from

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