Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Brady Bunch?

No, we're not quite the Brady Bunch; but we're close. On September 10, 2011, we will become a blended family very similar to the Brady Bunch. I'm bringing three children and he's bringing four. That is a total of 7 children. Four boys and three girls. One more than the Brady Bunch, but you get what I mean. We're going to be a huge blended family.

Mr. Brady is fabulous. He's patient, smart, funny, sexy, athletic, tall, a wonderful father and SEXY... wait, I already said that. Well, I just can't get enough of him. He's an IT guy moonlighting as an entrepreneur and real estate agent. His ambition and drive is what attracted me... well, his sexiness attracted me, his ambition and drive kept the attraction alive. LOL!!!

Me... Well, I'm the logical hopeless romantic with a legal education and corporate corner office with hopes of changing the world... for the better. Like Mr. Brady, I'm moonlighting as an entrepreneur as the owner of an online event design and planning company.

Mr. Brady and I are not "officially" engaged yet. There is no ring and no announcement to the world. We both know we're getting married and we have started talking about when to get engaged and we've already picked a date. So, this thing is going DOWN. Since Mr. Brady is somewhat old fashioned, he of course wants to surprise me with an engagement and get down on one knee. So, I am not sure when it will happen, but I know it will happen and I have given him a deadline. Since we're planning a September 2011 wedding, the engagement should take place no later than August 2010. He has time to plan something über romantic and surprising to me. The surprise is going to be a task because I'm super controlling and nosy and am always planning everything we do. Seriously... I plan everything like it's a huge event. LOL!!!

This will be an encore marriage for both of us. We're debating between an intimate wedding for family and close friends to a big fat Brady wedding. I think we'll end up doing something between intimate and huge. I'm hoping to keep the guest list under 100.

This blog will take you on our journey to Bradyland; including planning our wedding, buying a new house and transitioning into one family. The wedding is September 10, 2011. Yes... 9-10-11. We're both a little geeky as well. LOL!! I will be sharing my wedding ideas and blended family best practices and hopefully you will all give me your feedback. I look forward to our trip to Bradyland.

This is one of the choices for my wedding gown. What do you think?

Ms. Brady.

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