Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Brady Kids: Dressing the Girls

Mr. Brady and I decided to make our children part of our ceremony.  We're all becoming one family, just not Mr. Brady and I becoming one.  So, we're looking for ways to include our children in our vows and also maybe have them say a few words.  Great idea in theory. 

My problem: my kids are deathly afraid of public speaking.  My daughter has a voice like Beyonce and will sing in front of a crowd.  However, she clams up when it comes to speaking in front of a group of people.  My son will just stand there and look at you with those big puppy dog eyes of his.  The baby girl is likely to just stare at us without making a move or sound.  There is no way my kids are going to be willing to join in the vow exchange. 

So, I was thinking of making the entire wedding party all about the Bradys.  Mr. Brady and his crew on one side and me and mine on the other.  After the kiss and we're announced as the Bradys, then we'll all walk back down the aisle together.

Mr. Brady is not on board quite yet.  He is more into traditions and is hoping to have his best buddies standing next to him with his boys and me having my best girlfriends standing next to me with my oldest daughter.  Then we'll have my son as the ring bearer and his daughter and my youngest daughter as the flower girls.

The only thing we've agreed on in this area is making the kids a part of the wedding ceremony.  So, I've started to look for dresses for the girls and suits for the boys.  Check out inspriation for the Junior Bridesmaid dresses for Miss Marcia and the flower girl dresses for Miss Jan and Miss Cindy.   Right now we're leaning toward our girls wearing white (like Ms. Brady).  They'll stand out from the bridesmaid and Maid-of-Honor.  I might had a splash of color with a satin sash to coordinate with the bridesmaid and Maid-of-Honor dresses. 

Jan and Cindy would love this gown.  I hope it comes in white.  Would be amazing if I could have the ribbon in black.  The bridesmaids (sans the Jr. Bridesmaid, Marcia) will be wearing black gowns.  (Photo source:

This gown is for the Junior Bridesmaid, Miss Marcia.  I'd be more comfortable if we could find a jacket to go with the gown, but I know she'll love this.  I hope it comes in White with the ability to have the flower black.  I'd stick with the white flower and add color with her accessories.  Miss Marcia would die to wear this dress.  It's very pretty, but may be a tad bit too mature for an eleven year old (Photo Source:  

This is the gown I'd love for all the Brady girls to wear.  The model looks a lot like Miss Jan (Mr. Brady's daughter).  That smile of her's is Miss Cindy's smile (My daughter and the baby of the bunch).  Again, I'd like to get jackets for hte girls.  I'm thinking something lace, but I'll have to keep looking.  Miss Marcia might not like this dress since it will be the same dress her younger sisters will be wearing.  However, but the ball gown look may warm her heart.  She'll still love Barbie dolls and Disney Princesses at 11.  I really like this one too.  (Photo Source: David's Bridal)

This flower girl dress from Disney Weddings is fabulous.  The gown is based on Disney Princess Tiana.  Kristy Kelly is a fabulous designer and I think all the girls will appreciate this gown.  This is a strong dress. (Photo Source:

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  1. All the dresses are super cute, but the last one especially - it's got so much style! :)