Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shoes for Ms. Brady

Like most women, I love shoes.  Really really love shoes.  And my weakness is designer shoes.  LOUBS!  Are my current favorite.  For those that don't know, LOUBS stand for Christian Louboutin.  A fabulous shoe designer from the city of love... Paris!  Could it be the French blood running through my veins that cause me to fall in love with all things Paris? 

LOUBS are fabulous looking shoes... However, they cost a bundle!  No... actually, they cost two arms and both legs.  So, needless to say, I only allow myself to purchase no more than two (2) pair of LOUBS a year.  Right now I'm looking for my final pair of the year to wear for New Year's Eve.  I'm thinking about something with some shine.  Some blingness going on.  Something like these glittery babies!

These are fabulous shoes.  However, given the price tag, I need to think about purchasing a style that is somewhat timeless and will afford me the ability to wear them again.  And not for New Year's Eve 2010.   So, I was thinking maybe of purchasing these babies early and wear for the 3 or 4 holiday parties we've been invited to.  Then the wedding came to mind.  Although I'll purchase more LOUBS throughout 2010 and 2011, those will likely be something for the warmer months (like a sandel or something) and some winter boots.   So, to get something fancy for New Year's Eve, I was thinking of maybe getting something I'd likely wear to the wedding.  I know I wanted to wear a splash of color on my feet.  I'm really going for a bright pink.  Similar to the color of my pink sapphire engagement ring.  And I came upon these babies. 

I know these are booties, but I love the three buttons on the side and somehow I get that Elizabeth Bennett feeling from these.  They are somewhat Victorian and so very romantic.  I also considered just getting the pink glitter LOUBS above and wearing those.  Then I came upon some more pump styled LOUBS. 

All of the above pink LOUBS are fabulous and I wish I could afford to purchase every single pair.   I can't so, I need to narrow it down to something I can wear more than once.  Then I came across these babies. 

These are what I affectionately call the pink SATC bridal shoes!  I love them and they are absolutely perfect.  However, maybe not perfect for New Year's Eve.  I guess I will stick with the glitter shoe or maybe a pair of black LOUBS with some New Year's flair.  Whatever I do though, I am getting these pink SATC bridal shoes for the wedding.  Even if only worn for one day (and likely the Sunday Brunch the day after the wedding).  So, here are my one of the two pair of LOUBS to be purchased for 2011.  Now... I need to find the final one for 2009 and continue to look for the two pair for 2010.  I might save money if I don't buy any LOUBS for 2010.  Can I survive without a new pair of LOUBS for an entire year?  I think so.  I know so if it must be done for the wedding and the Brady home. 

What expensive item is a must for your wedding? Are you going to venture out and purchase a high end designer item specifically for your wedding? 

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