Friday, November 13, 2009

Dream dress: fantasy vs. reality

Grace Kelly

The Grace Kelly.  That is what I call my dream wedding gown.  I want the exact dress from the waist up.  From the waist down, I'm hoping it is possible to get satin.  I love this gown!  Grace Kelly's wedding attire is very inspirational.  I also adore the dress she wore for her civil ceremony. 

Although very nice for a civil ceremony or even wedding morning brunch with the family.  This is not what I'm looking to wear for my ceremony.   This is a FAV for my wedding morning brunch.  

So, I've somewhat decided that my gown will be custom made, since I cannot find anything similar to what I like at the bridal stores (yes... I've looked.  Haven't tried anything on, but I've been looking). 

Then yesterday a Google Image search brought me this fabulous beauty.  The Grace Kelly top and the satin bottom. 

However, I am so not feeling the long train on this gown.  I love the top and the satin bottom, but the train... not so me.   Then I saw this one. 

Ignore the top!!  I love the satin bottom and the smaller train. 

I'm starting to see the dream dress becoming a reality.  For some months now it's been more of a fantasy.  There was absolutely nothing out there that came close to my Grace Kelly.    I think the more time I have to plan this wedding, the more time I have to find a designer I trust to pull this off and the more time I can have my custom gown made, replicating the top portion of Grace Kelly's wedding gown and the bottom portion of Gown number three above. 

Did you have trouble finding your dream dress?  If so, did you consider a custom made gown? 

Ms. Brady

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