Thursday, November 12, 2009

the e-ring

Mr. Brady met me for burgers and ice cream sundaes last night after class.  It was great to see him!  We're a very busy couple.  Work, kids, school, work, projects, and more work.  We're lucky to see each other once a week.  We currently live about an hour away from each other.  So, it is always a treat to have a late night date during the week with Mr. Brady.  

The topic of discussion... my e-ring!  I think he's seriously getting close to proposing.  I'm not going to jump to conclusions yet, and I've decided not to probe him for information.  Although I'm not big on surprises; I do want this to be a surprise because it will make him extremely happy. 

Last night's discussion, surprisingly started by Mr. Brady, focused on the e-ring.  First he asked me where I want the wedding to be held.  Then he gave his input.  He slowly brought the ring topic in and the discussion stayed on that subject until we said good night.  I knew what he was doing; but like a lady, I allowed my man to think I had not caught on.  He was quite surprised to learn that I wasn't the Tiffany-single-carat type of gal.  I'm a romantic and classic girl; but more along the lines of Elizabeth Bennett.  Victorian looks are my all time favorite.  I'm all about vintage clothing, jewelry, furniture, decor, etc.  The list can go on. 

So, long story short, I filled Mr. Brady in on my ideal ring.  To say it simply; his eyes lit up!  I could hear the bells and whistles silently going off in that active brain of his.  I know he was thinking of all the money he is going to save.  Now, I do happen to love a lot of theTiffany & Co. jewelry and this explains Mr. Brady's surprise at my ideal e-ring.  I'm sure he bet money that I wanted the traditional Tiffany & Co. engagement ring like the one below.

Beautiful ring, but just not Ms. Brady's style. 

As I explained to Mr. Brady, I want something vintage or at least vintage-looking.  A simple rose gold setting with a classic cut center stone no larger than one carats.  He liked that idea and was surprised to learn that I admire rose gold so much. 

Next, the stone.  He had a heart shaped diamond in mind.  I'm not a diamond type of girl, to Mr. Brady's surprise.  I own a pair a diamond earrings, but hardly wear them, so I thought he would have picked up on my love of all things not diamond.  Again, think Elizabeth Bennett (you'll see many references to Pride & Prejudice in this Blog.  It is my all time favorite book).   Something Victorian, romantic, classic and simple yet somewhat modern.  My all time favorite sapphire gemstone came to mind. 

This is a beautiful sapphire e-ring and the setting is sort of Victorian. 

The dark color of the classic blue sapphire gemstone is just not the look I'm going for.  And Mr. Brady was not too thrilled about getting something I already have.  I currently rock a simple right hand solitare ring with a fabulous blue sapphire stone. 

Well, my friends, I shocked him somewhat when I said, "Not blue, silly!  Pink!  I'd love a pink sapphire ring."   He mad a funny face and then smiled.  All that know me, know that pink is my favorite color of all time.  All shades of pink.  I own more pink items than my daughters.  Or just as many.  I love the color pink.  Pink is my black.  

Now, these are likely the image Mr. Brady got. 
Although gorgeous, these beauties are not what I have in mind.

Being that Mr. Brady is flashy and I know I'll have to start saving now for his wedding band.  His only requirement... DIAMONDS!  LOL!!!  Again, I don't want diamonds.  I want the simple, classic, yet modern pink sapphire in a rose gold setting e-ring.  

So, the search begins and I am not going to really get involved any more than I have.  Mr. Brady knows what I'm looking for.  Maybe if he decides to join me in writing a blog about our journey, he'll get some ideas from all of you.  I googled rose gold and pink sapphire and found these fab styles.   

The centerstone is not a pink sapphire, but this is totally something that will bring tears to my eyes immediately. 

I fell in love with this ring.  Totally something Elizabeth Bennett would wear. 

A smaller center stone and this is my e-ring!  I totally have fallen in love again!  I'm confident Mr. Brady will get something like this and he'll know to down-size that center stone. Unlike the love of my life, I'm so not flashy and like things simply beautiful! 

So, tell me, what do you think?  Did you go the non-traditional route and opt out of the diamond club? 

Ms. Brady

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