Monday, November 30, 2009

Mrs. Brady, my Future-Mother-In-Law

I have fallen more in love with Mr. Brady than I thought possible.  Our first Thanksgiving together was fabulous!  We cooked dinner together, fed the kids and watched the football games.  After the football games he agreed to sit through my Sex and the City marathon with me.  He's perfect! 

Well, I talked to Mrs. Brady (my future mother-in-law) on Thanksgiving day and she thanked me for making her baby happy.  Yes... she called him her baby!  LOL!!!  Her 36 year old baby.  It was very special for me to hear how much she appreciates the things I do for him.  She acknowledges me and does not feel as if I'm taking her baby away from her.  She recognizes a real woman!  I shouldn't be surprised because she is a real woman and will truly recognize one when she sees her. 

Two words from Mrs. Brady sealed the deal with me and Mr. Brady.  Thank you!  She thanked me for making him happy.  She told me that she has never heard him so happy before.  I love him so much for expressing to his mother his love and respect for me.  He only speaks good things of me and I'm sure the few things that bug him that he speaks of, are greatly outweighed by how happy we are together.  I fell in love with him more than I thought I could love a man.  Our fate was sealed at that moment.  I knew then, I'd never leave his side or him mine.  I knew then that becoming his Mrs. Brady was going to be the best thing for all of us.  If there were any doubts in my mind, Mrs. Brady's words erased them.  He loves me... I say it like Jill Scott sang it in He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat).

I want the world to know he loves me.  I am so willing to get married in Vegas this December.  If it was possible, I'd do it.  I'm sure Mr. Brady will be against eloping, but I'm seriously, seriously thinking about it.  We can throw a huge reception for our friends and family aftewards.  That might disappoint Mrs. Brady and my mother.  I know they both want to witness the start of their babies' "real" marriages.  Those starter marriages don't count, let me and Mr. Brady tell it.    

It feels so good to know that HE LOVES ME.  I love me some Mr. Brady!

Ms. Brady 

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